Are your listings not selling?

According to a 2008 NAR (National Association of Realtors) report, 87% of all home buyers use the internet to search for homes.

That means the first impression many Realtors make upon a prospective buyer is through their listings - NOT in person. And after searching, the first thing a buyer wants to see are the PHOTOGRAPHS!

Good photographs give prospective buyers a feel for what it would be like to live in that home. The very best thing a photograph can do is make someone want to go and see that home for themselves. This is when contact can be established and the agent will have a chance to sell the
home. Until a buyer makes contact with the agent after searching on the internet, the agent has no opportunity to sell the listing. Many people are reluctant to give their information in an online form before they're allowed to search.

The worst thing a photograph can do is give the prospective buyer so little information and feeling for the home, that they skip right to the next property. For a Realtor who spends time and effort on viewing and marketing the property and negotiating with the seller, how much worse can it get than not even getting to make contact with a prospective buyer?

Spend your valuable time selling  property - not taking and editing photos of it!

As a Realtor, you work hard to gain and keep your license. You've perhaps spent years gaining experience of the market and your clients. Because you specialize in selling property, most prospective buyers and sellers come to you, rather than muddle through the confusing mess of paperwork on their own. So then why would you not entrust a photographer who specializes in getting the most out of your properties?

Photography of a home is not complete at the end of the shoot. Every photograph needs some amount of time to be edited - "post-processing". This is valuable time you could be spending with clients.

Professional photographs can help YOU  sell a home faster and  for more money!

Our intention is to show a home as you'd see it through your own eyes if you were there. We will never portray a home as something it's not. This just causes problems when an agent takes a buyer to view the home. But by showing as much of each room as possible, we can emphasize the space - not what's in it. We also believe in showing the photographs as large as possible. It's very difficult to feel a sense of space and comfort when looking at a photo the size of a postage stamp! We want prospective buyers to feel like they could step into the picture.

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Offering professional photography services to real estate agents and homeowners in Western, WA to help show a home, commercial building or piece of land in its best possible light.
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